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Texas proposed rules printed in Texas Register

The Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors printed the proposed rules in the January 15th, 2016 edition of the Texas Register. You can read here.

However, as of this posting, there is no word on the implementation of any of these proposed rules. In fact, a recent phone call made to the Board resulted in their representative telling me to, "proceed as usual until we hear something from the Board."

Below are some of the more important proposed rule changes that would affect LPCs and supervisors. As this is not a complete list, I recommend you visit the above link to get familiar with the proposed changes and also check the Board's website frequently for evidence of any or all new rule implementation.

Some proposed changes for LPCs-

Technological means of communication may be used to facilitate the therapeutic counseling process. A licensee shall have a face-to-face initial intake session before beginning a distance counseling relationship. When distance counseling, the licensee must reside in the State of Texas and the client must be a resident of or within the State of Texas with the exception of the military.

For each client, a licensee shall keep accurate records of the signed informed consent...

An LPC Intern may have no more than 5 sites at any given time.

The LPC Intern must receive direct supervision consisting of a minimum of four hours per month of face-to-face or live Internet webcam supervision in individual (up to two Interns) or group (three or more) settings while the intern is engaged in counseling unless an extended leave of one month or more is approved in writing by the board approved supervisor.

The applicant for supervisor status must have held the regular license in good standing for at least 60 months from the date of issuance as of June 1, 2016. Prior to June 1, 2016, the applicant for supervisor status must have held the regular license in good standing for 36 months.

Regarding CEUs: Nine hours of the 24 required must be face-to-face;

If an investigation is conducted the investigator shall request a copy of the client's entire record. If a response is requested the licensee or person against whom an alleged violation has been filed must respond within 15 business days of the executive director's request

Some proposed changes for LPC supervisors-

(To become an LPC Supevisor)- continuing education programs meeting the requirements of §681.142 of this title (relating to Types of Acceptable Continuing Education) of which 50% of the hours must be face-to-face instruction. The course must be taught by an LPC with supervisor status.

The supervisory written record shall contain:

(A) fees and record of payment;

(B) the date and length of each supervisory session;

(C) the topics that were discussed during each supervisory session;

(D) identification of each supervisory session as an individual or a group session and interns who are in attendance;

(E) identification of each supervisory session as being conducted face-to-face or by live internet webcam;

(F) a record of any concerns the supervisor discussed with the intern; and

(G) current board approved site or sites.

(2) Records shall be kept 5 years past the last date of supervision.

(e) The supervisor must maintain a summary log of the indirect, direct, and supervision hours accrued by an intern in each week and a brief summary of the supervisory session. This log must be dated and initialed by both the supervisor and the intern.

Keep in touch for the latest developments!

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