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"It was a great experience to have Gilbert as my LPC supervisor. He is very knowledgeable and respectful with different counseling approaches. He made the supervision sessions very interesting and I felt like I learned new things every week! I am content with the progress I have made under his guidance, and I feel comfortable to ask him questions at any time!" ~Yajie Xiong, LPC

"As a person who worked a lot of hours- flexibility was one of the key things I looked for in a supervisor. Not only was Gilbert flexible around my busy schedule but he was affordable and committed till I got my full licensure as an LPC. Highly recommend!" ~Katelyn Braatz, LPC

"Supervision with Gilbert was a great pleasure. Right into the first session I realized I had found not only a great supervisor but a great human being, and both things just made my supervision an experience I would look forward to every week. 
Understanding the code of ethics, trying out different approaches and tools, and working on my own unconscious bias built up my confidence quickly and I started to believe in all the good I could do for my clients thanks to Gilbert's challenges and support. I am very proud of having been his supervisee.  Thanks for everything!"  ~Ingrid Pedre, LPC


"I have really appreciated the time we spent together. You have done an excellent job in preparing me for the work of a License Professional Counselor. Your insights into my day-to-day situations was extremely valuable and challenged me to grow in independence and self-confidence.  Your interests in my clients helped me to want to provide the best service to them. Your followup regarding their progress kept me on my toes. Your eclectic suggestions for techniques and services enforced in me the need to view each client as an individual. I have also learned to document techniques and rate their effectiveness for future use."~ Mark Krynski, LPC


"As an LPC intern, I was very nervous about transitioning to a fully licensed LPC. I often questioned my abilities, however, Gilbert made this transition go as smoothly as possible. He was very patient and reassuring, which help me to build my self confidence. He provided me with the tools needed to serve my clients effectively, and also ensured my understanding of LPC board rules and ethical guidelines. He has a wealth of knowledge and passion for this field. I feel much more self-assured as I continue my journey and am looking forward to what lies ahead." ~ Rochelle Robinson, LPC


"Supervision sessions with Gilbert was something that I looked forward to every week. That was my chance to learn more about myself and my techniques without the fear of being judged. Gilbert provided his feedback and challenged me in a positive way which helped me to become an effective therapist with my clients. The supervision sessions gave me a chance to discuss what worked and helped me to understand my clients at a deeper level. I really enjoyed the experience and personal and professional growth that came with it." ~ Kaushal Pethe, LPC

"Gilbert was my LPC Supervisor in 2006. Gilbert is a patient teacher and supervisor with an encouraging attitude. He is a wonderful resource of information and his outgoing personality makes him easy to work with. I highly recommend him!" ~ With Respect, Catherine H. Corbin, LPC


"Gilbert provides excellent guidance, and counsel. He is a great mentor and served as a advocate in helping me get my LPC."~ Jon Barnes, LPC


"Supervision with Gilbert fostered a seamless transition from the classroom into the real world of client experience and practice in counseling.  I really appreciated the collaborative environment and professional confidence throughout my time under his guidance." ~ Tony Gonzales, LPC

"As a graduate student I was nervous about my abilities and skills as a counselor, Gilbert's straightforward approach propelled me to identify my growing edges as well as identify my strengths as a young professional counselor. He is a wealth of knowledge and his passion for the counseling profession is inspirational." ~ Jessica Blue Sky Vigil

"I really enjoyed working with Gilbert. One of the things I enjoyed most was the balanced way he challenged my counseling approach. He pushed me to improve my style and showed me knew methods and techniques to use while respecting the modalities I favored most. I highly recommend him as a supervisor".~ Ronnie Edwards, LPC

"Gilbert supervises from a collaborative, respectful position that values my theoretical orientations and does not push any particular therapeutic style.  I believe I will become the best therapist I can be as a result of working with Gilbert." ~ Natalie Niemann, LPC


"I would highly recommend Gilbert Melchor if you're looking for an LPC supervisor. He has shown great professionalism and knowledge throughout the entire supervision process. He walked me through every step, from filling out the initial supervision paperwork to filling out the final application to send to Austin. Gilbert has a wealth of knowledge in the field of counseling. He constantly pushed me to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. His full intent was to make sure that I had all of the tools I needed to feel confident as a licensed counselor." ~ Jeff Chandler, LPC


"Gilbert has a caring and collaborative approach. He was supportive and made supervision comfortable while still challenging me to grow as a counselor. He encouraged me to discover my interests and develop those into specialties."~ Alaina Glenn

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