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Managing Challenging LPC Associates!

We are thrilled to introduce a highly requested upcoming three (3) hour continuing education course designed specifically for LPC Supervisors seeking effective solutions to manage and mentor challenging LPC Associates.

In this dynamic program, available within a few days, we will explore actionable strategies and insights to navigate the complexities of supervising associates facing specific and diverse challenges in their professional development. We'll delve into practical approaches, cultivate essential skills, and foster a supportive environment aimed at maximizing growth and success for both supervisors and their associates.

Prepare to elevate your supervisory practice and empower your Associates with the tools they need to thrive. This course promises to be a transformative experience, equipping you with invaluable techniques and perspectives to foster positive outcomes in supervision.

You’ll be provided with downloadable and editable templates for a Self-Care Contract, Professional Development Plan, Remediation Plan, and Progress Note.  Embrace the opportunity to enhance your expertise and make a lasting impact in your counseling supervision.  And the entire course is downloadable for reference!

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to sharpen your supervisory toolkit. Enrolment available soon!  Get ready to embark on a path towards achieving supervisory excellence in managing challenging LPC Associates!

…supervision matters!

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