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New LPC Supervisor Refresher course offering! Understanding Vicarious Liability in Clinical Supervision- Three CEUs

This three (3) hour Supervisor refresher CEU course is designed to provide LPC supervisors with a deeper understanding of vicarious liability and effective strategies to minimize this risk.

Participants will delve into the obligations linked to supervising LPC Associates, practicum students, and employees, explore potential liabilities, and learn best practices to mitigate risks. Through quizzes, case studies, and practical guidance, supervisors will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to establish a secure and compliant supervisory setting.

By the end of the course, participants will be equipped with the tools to navigate vicarious liability confidently and ensure a safe environment for both themselves and their supervisees and employees.

This course also provides an editable Supervisory Agreement template, a Supervision Session Documentation template, and a Risk Assessment and Plan template.

Check it out at this link!

Enjoy Supervising!

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